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I have been a professional Intuitive Reader for more than 27 years. I specialize in Love and Relationships with phenomenal ability to read your situation and provide genuine and valuable guidance. My training is ongoing, as I continue to learn and grow in my own spiritual transformations. Psychic to other psychics, television personalities and other celebrities. As an empathetic reader, I deliver both exciting and difficult news in a kind and positive manner. However, I will not sugar coat or tell you what I think you may want to hear. I will delve right into your reading and share what comes through strongest first, in relation to your query, to allow you the opportunity to explore and understand the insight within your reading and allow it guide you along in a positive and successful direction. I can share all aspects of your life's journey, regardless of how big or small, and help you navigate your path with detailed guidance.I prefers to use Tarot cards and/or Runes to help illuminate your personal situation, but is certainly up to you. Please understand, I am an intuitive reader, I connect with your energy to discover your story about the immediate question(s) at hand, and will provide insight into your situation. Intuitive Readings are not about guessing games with your psychic, or playing “test the psychic”. Readings are about mutually sharing information to help illuminate and better understand your situation or areas of concern. The more you do share regarding what you’re inquiring about, the more successful your reading will be, as there is no need to spend time catching up to you. This allows me to have plenty of opportunities to gain a clear understanding of what I'm sensing and can then better to express to you in a meaningful way. There will be plenty of moments for you to “validate” the connection with you throughout your reading.

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